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Tuxton Home x PARKnSHOP

TuxCafe 9.5oz Leakproof Surgical Steel Vacuum-Insulated Slim Travel Mug


TuxCafe Set of 2 Nonslip Stainless Steel Covered Salad Bowls


316 Series - 15.75” 5ply Surgical Stainless Steel Flat-Bottomed Wok with Domed Cover and BONUS GIFT: Two Silicone Mini Gloves


316 Series - 6.5qt Triply Surgical Stainless Steel Steamer Set with BONUS GIFT: Two Silicone Mini Gloves


316 Series - 2.4QT Surgical Stainless Steel Triply Saucepan with BONUS GIFT: Silicone Mitt


TuxCafe 28oz Stainless Steel Bento Storage Container


TuxCafe 67oz Leakproof Stainless Steel Vacuum-Insulated Coffee Pitcher


TuxCafe 32oz Leakproof Surgical Stainless Steel Vacuum-Insulated Soup Lunch Box with Integrated Handle


TuxCafe 17oz Surgical Steel Leakproof Travel Mug with BONUS GIFT: Integrated Tea Strainer