What the Pros Say

  • "The quality is amazing. I am impressed and so are my friends... The fact that it is induction [safe] is the perfect icing on the cake."

    Gustavo Tosta
    Sous Vide Everything

  • "The vessel that showcases our farmers' products is just as important as the execution and technique that goes into creating every dish. Tuxton accents every ingredient and enhances the visual appeal of every dish."

    Russ R. Sevilla (Executive Chef)

  •  “If you really like the look of a stock pot on your counter over a polycarbonate container, or have a small kitchen and need to consolidate your sous vide container into something you can use for multiple purposes, then the Tuxton Sous Vide Pot should work out great for you.”

    Jason Logsdon
    Amazing Food Made Easy

  • "As a seasoned professional Chef I can say with complete honesty that Tuxton Home has some of the best quality kitchenware that I have used, both in a commercial kitchen and at home with my family. Whether you are looking for beautiful plates for that special dinner or top quality pots and pans, I recommend Tuxton Home."

    Executive Chef Hugo Miranda