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Launched in 2017, Tuxton Home is the retail branch of parent company Tuxton China and has curated collections of stylish, superior quality products that have surpassed the highest standards required by culinary professionals. As a leading supplier of top-quality restaurant grade kitchenware, Tuxton Home specializes in a variety of products like ceramic dinnerware and bakeware, to stainless steel cookware and accessories. Created to be durable, consistent, and sustainable, Tuxton Homes provides products perfect for the professional level kitchen or the at-home chef.
We care about healthy people
  • We care deeply about physical health - we strive to use materials that keep microplastics and chemicals out of our bodies and the bodies of our children. 
  • We care deeply about mental wellbeing - we design for functionality, to help reduce stress and time spent on chores, so you can focus on what is important and enjoyable in your life.
We care about a healthy planet
  • We use recyclable materials wherever possible for all of our products and packaging. Read more about our inkless initiative here.
  • We create products that can be used over and over again to reduce waste. When the time comes to upgrade, we work to help you donate your gently used items to reduce waste.
We care about our customers
  • We have unmatched customer service with an industry-leading 100% Lifetime Guarantee.
  • We truly enjoy interacting with customers, and are constantly taking feedback to improve our products.
We care about our products
  • We have carefully designed our products with a deep commitment to quality and functionality.
  • We continue to make improvements to our products as we interact with customers who help us to refine our designs.
We care about our employees
  • We provide a great working environment for our employees.
  • We only partner with manufacturers who care about the well-being of their employees and treat them with respect.

To bring happiness into homes by creating memories through a community of shared cooking and dining experiences filled with ease and convenience.


To craft durable & functional products in a responsible, sustainable way that are long lasting and can be passed down through generations.

Tuxton Home prides itself on providing superior products and performance. All our items go through the highest level of quality control resulting in products that we are very proud to offer you. Tuxton has made its way into hearts and dining rooms worldwide; turn your vision into reality!