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Tuxton Home's sustainability vision involves being an active part of the solution to restore the global ecosystem and reduce our impact on the local environment. To eliminate waste in the production process, we recycle discarded materials while making sure the products meet our stringent technical criteria. To deliver high-quality products that are manufactured with efficient energy use, controlled emissions, and minimal waste, we have the following sustainability initiatives in place:

  • Natural Ventilation and Daylight System
  • Water Recycling System
  • Dust Treatment System
  • Recycling of Discarded Ceramic, Clay and Plaster
  • Capture of Kiln's Residual Heat
  • Energy Source: Natural Gas
  • Green Space

Our Headquarters in Walnut, CA participates in the Southern California Edison Demand Response Program to reduce electricity usage during periods of peak demand. Energy consumption is further reduced by use of the latest energy-saving solutions on office equipment. The solar array on the rooftop of our corporate headquarters is connected directly to the facility's internal electric system. As far back as 2002, we implemented a print-less initiative to reduce printing. All of our ceramic items are bulk packaged with limited printing in order to reduce packaging waste while still protecting the distribution of the product in a safe and effective way.


We choose to only use fully steel handles on all of our cookware, as the metal is able to be recycled along with the pot bodies. During manufacturing, all of our stainless steel sources are rigorously controlled to maintain a steady material consistency, so we are able to confidently ascertain the purity of our material compositions during the recycling process.


We mix our specially designed clay formulation in-house. Due to this, at every step in our manufacturing process, we are able to recycle mis-formed or excess lay back into the original raw materials mixture for reuse in future products. Our production process regularly uses a percentage of recycled clay for every new item made.



All our products are designed with attention to detail, ensuring ease of use when unboxing, cleaning, or cooking. We design to address concerns with solutions - like easy stacking for storage, a high-gloss finish for easy cleaning, or recyclable packaging to reduce waste. These small details ensure a well-functioning and easy to care for product that reduces energy, water, and waste throughout its entire life cycle.

Our Products Are:

  • 100% BPA, PFOA, PTFE and Lead Free
  • 100% Food Safe 
  • Dishwasher and Oven Safe (Ceramics are Microwave Safe as well)
  • Easy to Stack; Easy to Clean
  • Sustainably Packaged
  • Lifetime Guaranteed


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