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Tuxton SightingsImage via @eatswithanthony

Turn your plate over the next time you’re in a restaurant, and see if you spot a little black bowtie. If you do, welcome to the Tuxton Sightings family!

All around the world, Tuxton friends & family play this fun game, because we just can’t resist “bowtie hunting” when we dine out. As Tuxton has made its way into the hearts and dining rooms of chefs worldwide, we have witnessed more and more sightings with great pride. So whether you spot Tuxton out on the town or have welcomed the little bowtie into your home, we’d love to see photos of how you enjoy Tuxton.  Don’t forget to include the name of the dish or restaurant; our fans love to hear about your favorite eats!

​Send Tuxton Sightings photos to or tag us on Instagram #TuxtonSighting