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Easily Adjust Your Cooking Method

Cooking in new and inventive ways with a versatile lid designed with a 2.4" lid adapter hole and removable stainless steel stopper.

Easy Pivot & Access Features

When used with a Sous Vide, the lid easily pivots to rest on the handle. The adapter hole also allows for easy stirring, adding of ingredients, and tasting.

Safe View of Contents

A tempered glass lid allows for safe viewing of contents as they cook.

Welded Handles

Welded fixtures are crevice-free, ensuring smooth water circulation. Solidly welded fixtures are easy to clean and guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Quick and Even Heat Distribution Tri-ply construction ensures a high-performance cooking surface that offers warp-proof durability and superior stick resistance.
Flared Easy Pour Rims The flared rim ensures drip-free food transfer.
Contour Base A wide, curved base allows for easy access to all corners. Cook and clean with Ease!
Easy Measuring Volume lines inside the pot provide capacity identification for easy measuring when cooking.