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Tuxton Home takes great care and consideration in developing and manufacturing items that you'll love and quality is the number one priority at Tuxton Home®©. We are truly doing our best to give you the best!

We stand behind that by offering a LIFETIME no-chip warranty to the original purchaser against edge chipping, under normal usage and handling conditions when stated use and care** instructions are followed. Tuxton Home will replace or provide an equivalent substitute on a one-for-one basis at no charge, excluding shipping and handling, for any items returned and found upon examination to be defective.

This warranty is non-transferable and is only valid to the original purchaser. It is NOT valid for items that were giveaways, prizes, raffles, re-sold, donated, marketing collaborations, promotional gifts, or in any other case where you are not the first and original owner. All refunds are exchanges are issued at the discretion of Tuxton Home.

This warranty does NOT cover:

  • Breakage or chipping caused by abnormal/abusive use (or “mishandling”).
  • Loss or damage caused by misuse, accident, abuse, alteration, fire, theft, or commercial use.
  • Breakage, cracks, and chips caused by dropping or impact.
  • Products without original receipt, proof or purchase, or warranty registration.
  • Products not purchased through an authorized Tuxton Home partner
  • Products purchased outside of the United States.
    • For warranty claims outside of the United States, please refer to the product information sheet enclosed with your purchase or contact your point of purchase.

Tuxton Home reserves the right to determine whether or not the damage is from normal usage or the result of mishandling. Incidental or consequential damages are expressly excluded by this warranty only to the extent allowed by your state. This warranty is valid only in the continental United States. 

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 **USE & CARE (please see your product insert for details pertaining to your specific item):

Properly used and cared for, Tuxton Home®© Ceramics can be enjoyed for a lifetime in your home. Specialized clay formulation & controlled firing techniques ensure that your ceramics will always be easy to clean, a pleasure to use, and safe for dishwasher, microwave, freezer, & oven up to 500˚F.

  • Our unique clay blend allows items to be harder and more durable than standard dinnerware.
    • Avoid dragging the bottom of the plate over the top of another plate because this may cause scratching on the glazed surface of your ware; always lift plates upward.
  • DO NOT place dinnerware on direct heat or flame
  • AVOID exposure to extreme temperature changes. Hot dishes should not be placed on a cold or wet surface.
  • DO NOT run cold water on ware while it is hot.
  • ALWAYS use a heat-resistant oven mitt or pad when removing from the oven or microwave; the item will be extremely hot.
    • When serving direct from oven to table, be sure to protect the table surface with a trivet.
  • AVOID impact. Although it is chip-resistant, Tuxton Home Ceramics stay true to the nature of ceramics and can break when impacted. Handle with care.
  • Subtle variations in color and pattern are a typical characteristic of all kiln fired ceramics, which makes each piece truly unique.
  • Our non-porous culinary ceramic will not absorb odors, flavors, or bacteria from food and is an ideal vessel for storing and freezing food.

Tuxton Home Ceramics have been proven in the restaurant industry to be highly resistant to stains, chipping, cracking, and crazing. Failure to follow these instructions could cause breakage and may result in personal injury or property damage