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Recipe: How to Make The Perfect Filet Mignon with Kelly

Let's learn to make The Perfect Filet Mignon with Kelly (@kellyscleankitchen) of Kelly's Clean Kitchen! 




Treat yourself to The Perfect Filet Mignon. Who doesn't like to have food ready when they come home from work? Check out how Kelly uses sous vide to cook the perfect dinner for a long day of work. 


 Images courtesy of  @kellyscleankitchen


Kelly states:

"The pot I use is the Tuxton Sous Vide Stockpot. It allows the sous vide to heat the water up much faster, eliminates evaporation of water, and has a rack that can hold the bags of food very easily. The stockpot is especially good for longer sous vide, like my 36 hour Lamb Shank. Typically if you wanted to do a longer braise via a sous vide in a normal pot your water would continue to evaporate, needing you to refill the water every 4 hours or so. My first experience with a two day sous vide pork belly was AWFUL. I didn’t think about the evaporation, so I had to continuously refill the water and get it up to the proper temperature every 3-4 hours, including in the middle of the night. But now that I have the Tuxton Sous Video Stockpot, I just set it and forget it for a couple of days, saving me loads of time and water!"


We've provided her detailed instructions below for easy viewing. To check out her original post, head on over to Kelly's Clean Kitchen.


How to make How to Make Perfect Filet Mignon:


  1. Filet Mignon (1-4 depending on how many you want to make)
  2. Salt and Pepper
  3. Ghee or Duck Fat
  4. Rosemary Sprigs

*will need a sous vide, pot, bags, and stovetop pan to finish


    1. Fill a pot with water and attach your sous vide. Set the sous vide to 125 F.
    2. While the water is warming up heavily salt your steaks. Add pepper to the desired amount. Put the filet into a ziploc bag with a few sprigs of rosemary. Make sure to suck out all of the air from the bag.
    3. When the water is ready add the filets to the water and leave for two hours.
    4. Once the two hours are up take the filets out and pat dry. Heat a pan over high heat, the best kind of pan is cast iron skillet, but any will work. Add two tablespoons of ghee or duck fat to the pan.
    5. Sear the steak to develop a nice brown crust. While searing baste the top of the steak with the ghee or duck fat from the pan. Flip and repeat the other side.
    6. Rest for 5 minutes and enjoy!


    Buon appetito!




    Images courtesy of  @kellyscleankitchen




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