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The Nutritionist Reviews: Cookware Giveaway

We love reviews and reading feedback from all of you! From Amanda @ The Nutritionist Reviews (check out her post with full details on the giveaway at her blog here!):

Tuxton Home Nonstick Pans and Baking Dish

I was sent the Duratux Bakeware oval roaster to try and while it makes a pretty fruit dish, it also makes a really great dish to make baked spaghetti in, a strawberry rhubarb crisp or a pork roast. You can freeze food in it, broil cheese, etc. It handles hot and cold really well. I look forward to using this a lot all fall and winter.
Tuxton Home has tons of serving items and pots and pans to cook in. We got to try their nonstick pans which are great!
We were sent the Concentrix nonstick pans to try and they are awesome! The test if a nonstick pan works well is frying an egg in my opinion. When eggs start sticking on a nonstick pan, you know its time to toss it. To start using these pans, of course I had to try out frying some eggs in it and they didn't stick at all! I use nonstick pans for most of my cooking and will saute a ton of veggies in this, chicken, tofu, etc.
For the full post and a chance to win the giveaway, check out Amanda's post: