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Overhaul Your Kitchen with These Remodel and Organization Tips

We love seeing the kitchen revamp by Jennifer B. over at The Inspired Home!

From Jennifer:

"I’ll share a few examples of the things I parted ways with, to make room for things I love. One of the most obvious to me is scratched and damaged pots and pans. Don’t be afraid to make this change. Not only does this change make for a more aesthetically pleasing collection, it will also improve your cooking." 

Farfelle 1

"The beauty of a kitchen overhaul is you get to set the tone for how you want your kitchen to be when you are done. Your kitchen is meant to serve and inspire you. It’s the heart of the home and you get to decide the beat. Make it beautiful, make it functional, but whatever you do, make it yours."

To see her full list of tips and tricks, head over to The Inspired Home: