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Earth Day Highlight: Our Sustainability Initiatives

Happy Earth Day 2020! As we go through these unprecedented times together globally, there is a silver lining in seeing the reduction of air pollution over major cities, wildlife returning to previously uninhabitable areas, and our oceans recovering just a tiny bit as humans are forced to reduce our impact on the world.

Not only are we committed to providing the best quality goods to reduce the amount of waste going into our landfills, we here at Tuxton Home would like to share what we do on a daily basis to ensure that we leave our world a better place than when we found it.


High Performance Clay Formulation 

  • Featuring less than 0.05% Water Absorption: 
    • More clay, less air = meaning a more durable product that's guaranteed to last you a lifetime, reducing the amount of replacements needed.
  • BPA, PFOA, Lead and Cadmium Free
    • Keeping you and your family safe even at the microlevel - and ensuring tiny plastics don't ever make their way into our ecosystem.
  • Microwave, Oven, Dishwasher, Freezer Safe
    • Reduces the number of different items you'll need in your home to perform all the same functions. Bonus: Less clutter!


  • Recycled Clay & Plaster
    • At every step of the production process, extra clay is recycled back into the system to ensure that no materials are ever lost to waste.
  • Natural Ventilation and Daylight System
    • Our facilities are designed so that natural airways and windows prevent the need to run any energy-consuming air conditioning at the production facility
  • Water Recycling System & Dust Treatment System
    • With our in-house water and dust treatment systems, we are able to recycle all of our water use on a daily basis to prevent any runoff into the local environment
  • Capture of Kiln's Residual Heat
    • Utilizing a smart heat capture system, all of the residual heat from our kiln is recycled into other parts of the clay drying process throughout the production process
  • Energy Source: Natural Gas
    • No dirty energy sources are used to manufacture any Tuxton Home products.
  • Green Space
    • Every facility that is a part of the Tuxton Home process features specialized Green Spaces, where plants produce oxygen and help filter out any airborne particulate matter


  • Energy-Saving Programs
    • Our Headquarters in Walnut, CA participates in the Southern California Edison Demand Response Program, which reduces electricity usage during periods of peak demand
    • Constant upgrades to the latest energy-saving solutions on office equipment
  • Rooftop Solar Array
    • The solar array on the rooftop of our corporate headquarters is connected directly to the facility's internal electric system.
  • The Inkless Initiative (2002)
    • All Tuxton Home products are packaged with limited ink printing in order to reduce packaging waste and promote recycling while still protecting the distribution of the product in a safe and effective way.


While our items are made to last a lifetime, if you do choose to upgrade to Tuxton (or upgrade again!), don't let your current gear go to the landfill -- pass it on to someone else in need! With Give Back Box, we make it easy for you to donate your gently used items to your nearest charity. Visit for more info!

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