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Event: Tuxton Home x Chef Hugo Miranda - Costa Rican Brunch @ TNK

On October 21st, Tuxton Home collaborated with True Nourishment Kitchen (@truenourishmentkitchen) to host Chef Hugo Miranda (@chefhugomiranda) of Butcher's Block LA (@butchersblockLA) for a Pop Up Brunch in Whittier, California. The creatively plated meal featured Costa Rican cuisine, artfully prepared by Chef Miranda and his team.

Chef Hugo Miranda serves Sabor Tico Brunch (IG: @chefhugomiranda)


Chef Hugo Miranda was raised in Long Beach, CA. Growing up in a family that was passionate about food, Chef Miranda was introduced early on to the various flavors of such a diverse city. His father, a BBQ aficionado, taught him various ways to cook meats and seafood. Chef Miranda's love of cooking eventually led him on a culinary journey to Costa Rica, where his grandmother taught him her traditional Costa Rican cooking style.

Known for his exceptionally high standards, his imaginative presentations, and the palatable flavors of his dishes, Chef Miranda has transformed menus for multiple restaurants across the country, bringing them to competitive standards. His ability to fuse American and Costa Rica style cuisine continues to dazzle food connoisseurs, and this last brunch was no different. Served family style, Chef Miranda's Sabor Tico brunch was a medley of culturally inspired tapas and rich blended flavors. Check out the dishes below!

Main Dish
Gallo Pinto & Fried Egg (Featuring: Artisan Round Dinner Plate)
Gallo Pinto & Fried Egg (Featuring:  Artisan Round Dinner Plate)
Costa Rican Beans and Fried Rice with Fried Egg, Queso De Vaca and Fried Cheese
The main course of Gallo Pinto was topped with a freshly fried egg. The earthy, nutty flavor of the rice and spices was well matched with a creamier, lighter accoutrement of cheeses prepared two ways. While the Queso De Vaca was a lightly spongy cheese, the Fried Cheese was a smokier, fluffy texture. The assorted flavors paired so well, it was super-fun to change up every bite with a slightly different forkful.
Side Dishes:
Bistec Con Cebollas (Featuring: Artisan Square Dinner Plate)
Bistec Con Cebollas (Featuring: Artisan Square Dinner Plate)
Charcoal grilled skirt steak with caramelized onions, garnished with edible flowers
The next few dishes were served family style. The Bistec Con Cebollas was cooked to perfection! The meat was juicy and savory, and the caramelized onions added a hint of sweetness. 
Whole Pig (Featuring: Kona Serving Bowl)
Whole Pig (Featuring: Kona Serving Bowl)
Whole Roasted Pig served with Yucca Tortillas and assorted sides (see below)
Holy mole! This presentation sent us all to hog heaven. It was awesome to see the whole pig before Chef Miranda cut into it. The skin was so crispy and flakey, and you could hear it crackle! Despite this, the meat inside was tender and moist, with a delicate pork flavor. This paired well with the variety of sides and sauces on the table.
Assorted Side Dishes from Sabor Tico Brunch
Fried Cheese, Patacones, Crema De Vaca , Tomato Salad, Chimichurri Sauce and Coconut Mimosa
Patacones (Fried Green Plaintains), Queso De Vaca (Cheese of the Cow)
Tada! Just look at the final array of dishes. From crunchy Patacones to a zesty tomato salad, the options were endless. The Chimichurri sauce was a personal favorite because it was a great blend of spicy and tangy.

The House Specialty Drink was a Coconut Mimosa, a creative and unexpected twist to traditional brunch mimosas. We loved it, and I'm sure we'll be trying to recreate it in the future. 

Thanks Chef Miranda for an amazing meal. It really took us on a foodie journey through Costa Rica. We can't wait for the next Pop Up!
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