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Event: Sous Vide Salmon & Asparagus Class with Bone Kettle

This weekend, we were back at the 100-year-old Kinney-Kendall building in Pasadena with the chefs at Bone Kettle (@bonekettle) making and plating Sous Vide Salmon & Asparagus. Special thanks to Strata Home by Monoprice (@monoprice) for the sous vide immersion cookers; see below on how to win one of your own!
Chef Donna first explained how to choose the ideal cut of salmon (he chose pre-cut filet of sashimi-grade salmon belly so we could sous vide the fish a little more on the raw side for this event). Participants then placed their chosen salmon cuts with a little olive oil into a ziplock bag and the bags went into the handy racks included with the launch special edition Tuxton Home Chef Series Sous Vide Pots. The Strata Home by Monoprice Sous Vide Immersion Cooker 800W was the perfect pairing for easy home cooking projects such as this. With our specially designed Sous Vide Pot, it only took half the time as an uncovered pot for the cold water to get to 106F. Then we set our timers for 25 minutes. 


Featured: Artisan Geode Agave, Artisan Geode Azure, Zion Matte Beige

While we waited for the sous vide cooker to do its thing, Bone Kettle served up some yummy cocktails and appetizers, including their new super moist Satay Chicken Skewers -- plated on Artisan Geode Agave White Dinner Plates, of course!
Hint: Our Artisan Bouillon Mini Bowls make great Mise en place or prep bowls, and double as stylish dip and snack bowls!
After apps, we prepped our Asparagus and bagged it with butter, ginger, salt and pepper. Salmon came out, and the asparagus went in at 180F for 10 minutes.
Meanwhile, we learned about making Soy Foam. Special thanks to Chefman (@mychefman) for these extra cute immersion blenders! 
Did you know that the Tuxton Home Chef Series Sous Vide Pot doubles as a splatter-guard? Simply place your bowl into the pot, insert the immersion blender through the silicone portal, and voila! Splatter-proof immersion blending with easy cleanup!


Chef Donna gave us some pro tips on plating, and we were off! We loved seeing the creative ways everyone plated on their Zion Coupe Plates!

Check out the full recipe for Sous Vide Salmon & Asparagus here!



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