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DTLA Dinner Club with Chef Pat Saphyakhajon


The DTLA Dinner Club is LA's only completely free, celebrity chef dinner party. Focused on building community and not profit, The DTLA Dinner Club is open to residents of Downtown Los Angeles, members of The LAAC and select individuals who contribute to making DTLA a better place. This summer, The DTLA Dinner club is being upgraded to Tuxton and we couldn't be more excited!

Check out @dtlajosh for more pics and updates, or if you live in the downtown LA area and would like to check out the next DTLA dinner club, head on over to their site to get notified!

Tonight's menu by Chef Pat Saphyakhajon (@anotherpatcreation):

Plated on Zion Matte Black 

Chilled Watermelon Soup

Thai Cured Atlantic Salmon

Roasted Chicken Thigh

We love being a part of this wonderful event that brings our community together!

Using Concentrix 11" Frypan in Black

All photos courtesy of DTLA Dinner Club. For more pics of this and other events, click here.