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DTLA Dinner Club with Chef Carter Goffigon

The DTLA Dinner Club is LA's only completely free, celebrity chef dinner party. Focused on building community and not profit, The DTLA Dinner Club is open to residents of Downtown Los Angeles, members of The LAAC and select individuals who contribute to making DTLA a better place. This summer, The DTLA Dinner club has been upgraded to Tuxton and we couldn't be more excited! 

Use the tools the pros use. To get the look, check out DTLA Dinner Club's Shop The Look

Tonight's dinner plated by Chef Carter Goffigon

DTLA Dinner Club with Chef Carter Goffigon - appetizer plated on Tuxton Home Artisan Dinner Plate

DTLA Dinner Club plating on Tuxton home Zion Dinner Plates

DTLA Dinner Club with Chef Carter Goffigon and assistant plating on Tuxton Home Artisan Dinner Plates  

As we near November and all those Thanksgiving vibes, we can't help to be thankful to Josh and all of the wonderful residents in DTLA. Thanks for letting Tuxton be a part of this event that brings our community together!

DTLA Dinner Club event attendee

DTLA Dinner Club sous chef working



We love our Oversized Rectangular Baking Dish for everything from roasting to serving. It's the perfect vessel for bringing over a potluck casserole!


DTLA Dinner Club - Tuxton Home Duratux Rectangular Roasting Pan

All photos courtesy of DTLA Dinner Club. Check out @dtlajosh for more pics and updates, or if you live in the downtown LA area and would like to check out the next DTLA dinner club, head on over to their site to get notified!