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Chef Series Ceramic Sous Vide 0.7 oz Weights - Set of 16 Assorted Colors

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    Sous Vide Weights can be placed in your sealed Sous Vide package to ensure the items don't float during immersion cooking. Made of the same ceramics used in foodservice grade dishware, weights are 100% guaranteed to be safe and nonreactive. Dishwasher safe ceramics are FDA approved and free of lead and cadmium per CA Prop 65.

    Includes: 16 Ceramic Weights

    *Sous Vide Immersion Cooker not included

    • Dishwasher safe ceramics - FDA approved, free of lead and cadmium per CA Prop 65. Same ceramics used in foodservice grade dishware. 100% guaranteed to be safe and nonreactive
    • Thermal shock proof: safe to go from Sous Vide to ice bath or from freezer to Sous Vide!
    • Each weight is 0.7oz (approximately 13 pennies); incremental weight system allows you to adjust the weight to customize for each use
    • Measurements: 2 in
    Please remove labels and take out of container packaging before use. Prior to using your new Tuxton Home product, wash each piece thoroughly with soapy water, followed by hot water rinse. Dry thoroughly.
    Chip-Resistant Durability

    Designed for heavy-duty use, every product is thermal shock tested. This ensures that our ware can go from freezer to oven to table repeatedly without issue.

    Dishwasher Safe

    Our ceramics are both microwave friendly and dishwasher-safe, making re-heating and clean up a breeze!

    Food Safe

    Non-porous vitrified china does not discolor, react with food, alter flavors or absorb any odors. It is an ideal vessel for storing and freezing food, and surpasses the highest standards required for culinary professionals.

    PTFE & PFOA Free

    Our lead and cadmium free products are a safe selection to ensure your family's safety when dining in.


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