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Artisan Red Rock Dinnerware
Artisan Red Rock Dinnerware
Artisan Red Rock Dinnerware
Artisan Red Rock Dinnerware
Artisan Red Rock Dinnerware
Artisan Red Rock Dinnerware
Artisan Red Rock Dinnerware
Artisan Red Rock Dinnerware

Artisan Red Rock Dinnerware

    Chip-Resistant Durability
    Designed for heavy-duty use, every product is undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that our ware can go from freezer to oven to table repeatedly without issue.
    Oven Safe to 500˚F
    Our high-fired ceramics can withstand up to 500˚F in the oven. Re-heat dishes with ease on presentation-worthy dinnerware.
    Dishwasher & Microwave Safe
    Our ceramics are both microwave friendly and dishwasher-safe, making re-heating and clean up a breeze!
    Lead and Cadmium Free
    Our lead and cadmium free products are a safe selection to ensure your family's safety when dining in.
    Colors Won't Fade
    During our traditional firing process, color pigments fuse with the glassy glaze. Colors are guaranteed to remain as vivid and vibrant as the day the ceramics come out of the kiln.
    Food Safe
    Non-porous vitrified china does not discolor, react with food, alter flavors or absorb any odors. It is an ideal vessel for storing and freezing food, and surpasses the highest standards required for culinary professionals.
    Designed to Stack
    Each piece is ergonomically designed for comfortable handling and easy stacking. Enjoy the hand-thrown appeal along with the ease of storage.
    Reactive Glaze Finish
    Our vibrant reactive glaze finishes ensure custom coloring for every piece. The glazes react differently with each firing, ensuring every piece is truly one-of-a-kind.

    Gracefully add a touch of nature to every meal with the Artisan Collection. Featuring vibrant reactive glazes and hand-thrown appeal, this dinnerware reflects nature’s five elements - earth, water, fire, metal and air.
    The lush, vibrant glazes react differently with each firing, ensuring every piece is truly one-of-a-kind. Enjoy the perks of endless variety with each rustic, personalized food canvas.

    5-Piece Place Setting contains:

    • One (1) 10" Round Dinner Plate
    • One (1) 9" Round Salad Plate
    • One (1) 20oz Angled Bowl
    • One (1) 12.5oz Mini Bowl
    • One (1) 12oz Mug

    Tuxton products are designed for strength. Ceramic products are microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe and oven safe up to 500°F. Each piece is Thermal Shock tested, ensuring the dinnerware can withstand both the heat and cold. As an added assurance, our bright colored glazes are scratch resistant and proven never to fade, ensuring a perfect presentation every time.

    Tuxton is proven in the restaurant industry, and now available for the home.

    Plate it with Tuxton.

    • Industrial strength, restaurant quality vitrified ceramics - thermal shock tested for durability
    • Designed for heavy duty use; Can go from freezer to oven to table
    • Easy to Clean. Microwave, dishwasher, freezer, oven safe (to 500°F)
    • Passes CA Prop 65 and all U.S FDA requirements for lead and cadmium exposure
    • Due to the nature of reactive glaze, each piece of this handcrafted collection will exhibit unique variations in color and pattern.
    • Lifetime No Chip Warranty
    • COLOR ACCURACY DECLARATION: Due to monitor settings, the color of products on your screen MAY NOT BE 100% the same as the product.
    • 9" Round Salad Plate
      • 9.0" x 9.0" x 1.25"
      • 1.5 lbs
    • 10.25" Round Dinner Plate
      • 10.25" x 10.25" x 1.35"
      • 2.4 lbs
    • 12.5oz Mini Bowl
      • 4.25" x 4.25" x 3"
      • 0.65 lbs
    • 20oz Angled Bowl
      • 8" x 6.25" x 3"
      • 1.15 lbs
    • 12oz Coffee Mug
      • 3.25" x 4.5" x 3.75"
      • 0.95 lbs
    • 9" Square Salad Plate
      • 9.0" x 9.0" x 0.6"
      • 1.45 lbs
    • 11" Square Dinner Plate
      • 11.0" x 11.0" x 1.0"
      • 2.8 lbs
    • Prior to using your new Tuxton product, wash each piece thoroughly with soapy water, followed by hot water rinse. Dry thoroughly.
    • Avoid dragging the bottom of the plate over the top of another plate because this may cause scratching on the glazed surface of your ware; always lift plates upward.
    • DO NOT place your dinnerware on direct heat or flame
    • AVOID exposure to extreme temperature changes. Hot dishes should not be placed on a cold or wet surface. DO NOT run cold water on ware while it is hot.
    • ALWAYS use a heat-resistant oven mitt or pad when removing from the oven or microwave; the item will be extremely hot. When serving direct from oven to table, be sure to protect your table surface with a trivet.
    • AVOID impact. Although it is chip-resistant, Tuxton Home® ceramics stay true to the nature of ceramics and can break when impacted. Handle with care.